Not just for toast anymore!

Enjoy Annie’s Jams drizzled over ice cream, as crepe and pancake toppings, or in thumb print cookies.


dessert pancakes with cottage cheese and berry jam

Our Blueberry Pie Jam tastes just like the insides of a pie – all you need is the crust! There are over 65 flavors to choose from. We can also make custom batches and sizes if desired.

The Jams and Jellies have been made in New Hampshire since 1981. These tried-and-true recipes start with handpicked seasonal and local produce whenever possible. No artificial ingredients or colorings. Every jar is hand stirred, capped and labeled; ensuring the highest possible quality in the product and in the jar


“I want to make sure that when a customer opens a jar of Annie’s jams, the first thing they notice is the rich fresh smell…like being in the berry fields. The second thing is the taste of delicious fresh locally picked fruit in a jar.” Christine


fruit in basket

How about giving a ‘gift of good taste’ as a wedding or chistening favor or a Thank You for a job well done! If you are looking for something special as a gift, and with so many flavors to choose from, a jar of From the Kitchen of Annie’s jam is sure to please anyone.


We believe you’ll love these jams as much as we do, or just return the jar and we’ll finish eating it for you!